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is a social neuroscience and psychopathology lab at Case Western Reserve University, directed by Sarah Hope Lincoln, PhD. 


About Us

Welcome to the Clinical Neuroscience Lab directed by Dr. Sarah Hope Lincoln. We are in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. Our lab is composed of graduate and undergraduate students interested in social processes involved in the development of serious mental illness and social determinants of psychopathology. We combine behavioral and neuroimaging approaches to understand how the social brain is related to changes in social cognition and social functioning in psychopathology, and how social contexts and experiences may alter the developing brain and contribute to the development of serious mental illness. Part of this work involves considering how inequitable social structures contribute to the development of serious mental illness, and requires examination of social determinants of mental health.

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In this lab, we believe that a diverse community of voices is critical to the development of thoughtful, meaningful, and sound science. We are passionate about mentoring and teaching individuals in the lab, university, and our greater community. We believe that science benefits when all voices are included. We recognize that historically, psychological science has excluded important voices from the conversation, and psychological science has been used to inappropriately maintain beliefs and systems that are oppressive. We commit to challenging these ideas and remedying the consequences, and we will work to recognize our own positionality in research, education, and clinical work. We are committed to building a team of clinical scientists who value social justice, community resilience, and recognize the ethical responsibility to contribute to clinical research and practice that includes and aids all members of society.

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